En concert
28 juillet 19h, scène mobile
29 juillet  12h30, scène mobile et 15h00, scène de l’Office du Tourisme

The Fanfare Revuelta was created in 2012 in Geneva (Switzerland). It is a band mixing folklore music from North Chile with styles like cumbia, jazz and reggae. All songs played by the band are own creations. North Chilean folklore originates from a religious music festival called La Tirana, where numerous orchestra from all over the country gather every year to celebrate the Virgin with rhythms like wayno, caporal or tinku and party three nights and three days in a row.

The Fanfare Revuelta is inspired by this festive spirit, adapting it with its own touch. The band thus creates an unprecedented fusion between traditional rhythms and contemporary music styles, creating an alchemy between those different universes. Folklore music transforms into a universal language, accessible to all. Furthermore, thanks to the jazz background of many of its musicians, the Fanfare Revuelta leaves a significant room to solos and improvisation. The band members are from Chile, Switzerland and Mexico and with different artistic backgrounds. They all met in Geneva. They can adapt to different musical spaces, be them plugged concerts on stage or street shows. The Fanfare Revuelta was on a one-month tour in Chile in Winter 2014/2015, where it played in several festivals and along key musicians of the local scene.